Facebook Album Post Plugin for WordPress

Facebook Album Post allows you to instantly create a Post with a Photo Gallery, a title and a Featured Image from any public Facebook Album. It has never been easier to create a Post on your blog from a Facebook Album. This plugin needs the Facebook Page Photo Gallery plugin installed on your WordPress to work.

Although Facebook Page Photo Gallery offers you to showcase your Facebook photos on your wordpress blog using shortcodes, you have to do many manual things to use it  :

  • Get the Facebook Album ID of your photo Album
  • Add the shortcode to your Post
  • Add a title to your Post
  • Upload and set a Featured image to your post.

With Facebook Album Post, just select inside the plugin one of your Facebook album or copy and paste the full URL of a public facebook album. Thanks to a live preview of your Facebook photos, choose the picture you want as Featured image and click “Create a Facebook Album Post”.

Download the “Facebook Album Post” Plugin now

  1. How Doest it works ?
  2. Changes & Roadmap

How does it works ? 

 1 – Get the Full URL of your Facebook Album



2. Go To your WordPress Admin in the FB Album Post Menu. Paste the URL and wait until pictures and title from your album appears.



3. Select your featured image and then click on “Create Facebook Album Post” to create the post. It will be saved in draft mode.



4. Go to your post and add text in the body of your post if needed. And publish it



5. In your post, photos will be displayed with thumbnails. Clicking on a thumbnail will open a photo viewer to browse them in higher resolution.


 Changes & Roadmap

=== Ideas ===
I may add an AutoPost feature. As soon as a new public Facebook Album is published on user’s page, a post is created on WordPress.

=== Version 1.1 (In Progress) ===
Status : In Progress
New Features : You will be able to save your Facebook page alias for one of your Facebook Pages. Doing this, you’ll have immediately your album list accessible from the Facebook Album Post plugin. You’ll just have to select the album you want to use. No More need to copy and paste URLs.

=== Version 1.o ===
Submitted on May 11 2014


Note: I noticed that sometimes the Facebook Page Gallery plugins return blank pictures. To correct this, just add in templates in “wp-content/facebook-page-gallery/templates/” the following lines after the $picture setup :


if (strpos($picture, '?') !== FALSE){$picture = $photo->images['3']->source ;}
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