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Configure Mail Poet with SendGrid to avoid spam filters and to prevent multiple sending

When I started to use MailPoet I had to face to two problems with the default configuration :

  1. My Newsletter was sometimes sent twice or multiple times
  2. My newsletter was filtered by spam filters

These problems are very common if you have a basic usage of MailPoet. The first one comes from the default mechanism MailPoet use to send your newsletter which depends on your traffic and your server capabilities (Memory, number of mails allowed to be sent per day or hour). The second one comes from the fact that you have a non “verified” SMTP Server IP or a shared SMTP Server IP (That’s the case if you have a mutualized hosting). In that way if someone using the same server is spamming people or doing wrong things, your server will be blacklisted … and this will impact your own site.Continue Reading..